Parent’s Testimonials

Please Note: That the below testimonies were written by parents on behalf of their child who attends our training. We also may have shortened the length of some of these testimonies.

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As the saying goes, a picture says a 1000 words.

Now even though we have many many great testimonies from happy students and parents over the years, we think this kind gesture from one of our J4K students says it all about J4K and what we offer our students in terms of, coaching, friendship, commitment, opportunities and a sincere will to help!

This cake was made for J4K coach Jason Pearcey, when one of his students had to leave. As mentioned above, I think this speaks volumes for what we do for our students!

Ashley saved 2 out of 5 for the red team so they WON! I’m so proud of him i can’t put it into words. I just want to say thanks for setting up such a great coaching academy…….its brilliant. Here’s a picture of him with the trophy.

Mrs Dorrington

More Parent Testimonies (Please Note: we have over 700, so cannot add all)

We have been meaning to e-mail you for ages just to say what a great job you do at training, the whole set up, and the e-mails and videos !. The videos aren’t just full of helpful information they are CLASSICS and good round family viewing…….we love them.

Thanks alot

Billy Dunne (Penketh) and Family

Dear Sir/Madam
I would like to extend my gratitude to J4K for all the effort made by Mr Andrew Stevens to improve my daughter to the level she has achieved today even to the extent that Mr Andrew Stevens has attended a tournament to see her progress.(I will say no more as her stats speak volumes on her progress under J4K and the quality of Mr Stevens training).

Amy for Woburn U11s

Andrew’s confidence has increased tremendously since joining J4K. He really believes in his own ability now. J4K is professional, very child friendly and so much good fun – the children don’t realise they are training!

Andrew Holder

J4K goalkeeping is a well-organised academy. It is run by the special legend himself… Ray Newland and also his hard working Paula! All of the coaches are hilarious; they are not too serious not too relaxed making it a good experience.

My son has improved immensely; it is great and much much fun for my child. We rate it 10/10, they are all hard working hero’s.

Luke Cusato

My son has attended several professional academies and not one of them even come close to the standard of coaching that David receives from J4K! The training is intense but fun, demanding, yet relaxed and designed to bring out the best in the individual. The coaching system is light years of any academy training I have saw in my four years of watching my son.

David Smith

Re J4K: Nics confidence has grown + grown, when we watch him play his matches we see a goalkeeper worthy of being a professional on TV! This is all thanks to the J4K coaches. Their respectful fun coaching is SO good you cannot express how GREAT they make the keepers feel!

Nick Ellerby

Since my lad joined J4K, I’m amazed at his progress so far with all this expert coaching! His all round skills in goal now are at a level so high, the pride I feel when he’s applauded almost makes me cry!

When he got his first man of man of the match, this was all thanks to you. The look on his face when he got this trophy… it was like his dream had come true.

So three cheers from his trainer!!!

David Cree

By the far the best coaching I have come across!!

Everything is SO positive and really boosts confidence and brings out the potential in all keepers. Mattie was low on confidence when he joined J4K, but J4K has completely transformed him and encouraged him, and more importantly he now really enjoys himself… so thanks to J4K.

J4K is simply the best!!!

Mattie Howard

I never knew working so hard could be so much fun!

Since I stared J4K my goalkeeping has improved a lot.

James Brady

I would like to thank Ray and all the J4K coaches for their help, support and enjoyment. Aaron’s goalkeeping ability has brought him many accolades from many other foot balling managers. J4K has given him SO much confidence.

Thanks to you all!

Aaron Mercer

Before my son attending J4K, nobody really noticed his goalkeeping abilities. However in the 12 short months he has been attending J4K, it seems every week we are having to turn away football league scouts to take my son for a trial. Michael is still only ten and I am very positive he is only going to improve over the next months and years to come – a big thank you to the J4K team of coaches.

Michael Roberts

My son LOVES J4K, apart from the goalkeeping he learns, what I strongly believe is just on another level to anything that I have seen (including schools) is the life and self-confidence skills the coaches teach!

Since George has attended J4K, not only has his schooling improved but the confidence he now has in himself is a total transformation on last year.

With the whole of my heart, thank you J4K!

George Williams

Like most mums who have a daughter mad enough to play in goal, to get coaching for her was a total nightmare. At first we tried to get a woman coach but with the greatest respect, there just was not the quality or more importantly experience I was looking for!

We tentatively decided to try J4K and too be honest Emma has not looked back! I strongly recommend any girl wanting to become a keeper to join J4K.

With J4K being picked to represent woman’s football development for the Liverpool Capital of Culture this year, says it all about this great coaching organisation. Keep it up!

Emma Simmons

I cannot recommend Just4keepers (J4K) enough to anyone wanting to give their very own budding keeper the best possible training.

My son started with Dave Bennett, J4K only a few months ago but the improvement in his skills and his confidence in goal seen by us and his club is amazing. Dave has a highly professional, firm and fair approach whilst never criticising but offering lots of encouragement to all. The children he trains have lots of fun and lots of laughs whilst learning new skills all the time.

Dave always finds time to communicate with parents and children if they have any worries, questions or concerns and is always happy to offer advice. We are absolutely amazed at Joseph’s progress and he is very proud to be part of J4K. I am extremely grateful J4K was recommended to us and am absolutely over the moon that Dave is helping our son fulfill his dream of becoming a goalkeeper.

I really cannot recommend Dave Bennett or Just4Keepers highly enough. Absolutely first class goalkeeper training.”

Lynsey Offerman

“My son joined J4K a year ago when he began playing in goal for a local team. Since then he has progressed markedly in his confidence, skill and understanding of the position. He has transformed from a shy, self-conscious new player into a confident, assertive goalie. This is due to the high quality training he has received at J4K.

The sessions offer excellent training in a fun, friendly atmosphere packed full of games, practice and skill base development. He loves going and has made many friends. The motivation and guidance from his Coach (Dave Bennett) is excellent. His team are delighted at his progress and he has gone on to receive trophies to reflect his new skills – all as a result of J4K. I cannot recommend it highly enough.”

Bryony Irving

“My name is Robin Hudson, I am the senior coach/manager of Wrexham Girls Football Academy and talent advisor for North East Wales. Since attending the J4K sessions at Wrexham with Dave Bennett my daughter (Aimee Phillips) has become very strong in her positional awareness within her penalty area. She confidently positions herself applying her new knowledge making her an asset to the team and has learnt to read the timing of oncoming challenges to prevent injuries or goals.

The encouragement and experience that Dave Bennett has bestowed upon her has been immense and his sessions are fun, friendly and wholly beneficial I would strongly recommend potential Keepers attend a a J4K session to grow their confidence, wisdom and strength in the great game we call football”

Robin Hudson

How you provide the service you provide, the continuous additional extra free coaching hours you offer and the low charges you charge the children is a credit to the ethics at J4K. Truly value for money.

Bary Ross